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Power Factor Biz Chat is a podcast that is created for entrepreneurs, business owners, or sales professionals. If you are looking to shatter procrastination, increase confidence, and accomplish your goals faster, this podcast is for you. Erica Castner and her guests will deliver bite-size pieces of valuable business building information, twice a week. Each episode will give you the Inspiration and motivation you need to grow and scale your business, be more efficient in accomplishing your goals, and communicate your message with confidence.
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Apr 15, 2016

001: How to turn challenges into success by creating processes and understanding your value with Graham Young.

Graham Young is the founder of Disruptive Performance Coaching and contributor to Time, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Business Insider. He creates human performance programs for business professionals and organizations that optimize the brains ability to minimize fatigue, elevate productivity, and unleash confidence.


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Show Highlights:

Reason Graham Young left corporate world to start his own business:
“My mom had passed away about three years ago, and when that had happened, pretty challenging time, but just learned a lot about some of the things that I was able to get through for myself and for my family and for the people around me. It changed a lot of the ways I thought about work and the meaning behind it, and I just realized that what I had learned during that time was pretty powerful and wanted to share it with people. I just felt like to do something meaningful with work is what I wanted to do and that was the best way to do it was to create a business around that.”

How was the transition?
“I saw those negative experiences happening to (my mom) and happening to me, and in my opinion was something that motivated me to want to create change, not only for us, but for other people.

What’s Graham excited about?
“Helping people in terms of the self-awareness aspect"

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Graham’s take on what keeps people from being successful in their communication:
“Communication's obviously probably one of the biggest things that we all have to work on and master. One of the things I finished off previously saying was listening to listen and not listening to respond. It sounds easy to say, but in reality it's so easy to do when we're not even trying to do it.”

Why is Graham so fired up about working with entrepreneurs?
“My focus is really to break down the brain science behind it all and helping people really understand why they do what they do. If you understand how your own unique brain operates in relation to your life in general, it enables you to get through any challenge. You can accomplish any goal because you're just so self-aware and understand what your highest values. You also know what you're going after and able to sustain motivation and perseverance you need.”

Graham’s take away for our “rock stars”:
“Change things up. You don't have to do anything drastic, but change up the music on your phone, change some paintings in the house, redecorate a bit, take a new route to work, go to a different gym. Even buying new clothes can cut off that connection to your old ways.”

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