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Power Factor Biz Chat is a podcast that is created for entrepreneurs, business owners, or sales professionals. If you are looking to shatter procrastination, increase confidence, and accomplish your goals faster, this podcast is for you. Erica Castner and her guests will deliver bite-size pieces of valuable business building information, twice a week. Each episode will give you the Inspiration and motivation you need to grow and scale your business, be more efficient in accomplishing your goals, and communicate your message with confidence.
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Apr 30, 2016

Erica Casnter shares how to conquer self-sabotage. She covers:

-Questions to check-in with when you recognize self-sabotaging behaviors

-A simple technique to “ground” you when you feel like you are going to “explode”

-Empowering phrases to use when you feel like your being manipulated

Apr 28, 2016

Liz Dederer is a Sales & Money Coach for Women in Business. Having been tested with a 100% score in closing, Liz documented her process to Close Clients Quickly! Liz is the author of the eBook, Speak Your Value, The Premier Success Coach on Sales & Money for the eWomenNetwork, and has been featured on the International Women and Money Summit for her innovative approach to sales! 

Apr 26, 2016

Ruke is a creative entrepreneur and artist who transforms visions into reality. He has worked with intellectual properties of Disney, Marvel, and Chico's. He started his first company, Ruke Illustrations, two decades ago and grew it into Blink, a full service creative marketing studio. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games, Legos, or working on miniature sets and worlds inspired by Star Wars.


Ruke's personal world: "My personal life is really right in line with my professional life. There is not much of a separation between the two. Work is not my life. I live my work. It kind of intermingles in between."

Ruke knew that he was going to be an artist, as early as the third grade. "I went home and I said, "Mom, I don't want to be Superman. I want to be an artist." His mom later gave him some of the best advice. She said, "do what you love and then figure out how to make money with it."


What's Ruke's "superpower"? Mind control. Everything I put out there, I want you to react in a specific way. The challenge of that, is something I love.

There was this time where something slipped through the cracks: I had a call from a game developer from a major brand. They asked me, 'Hey, will you just come in and do some advertising and marketing?' When I found out what the intellectual property was really based on, I would never have taken it on if I knew what the real content was."

Ruke also shared his stance on boys wanting to date his's priceless and it rocks!

How does Ruke balance being an entrepreneur, husband and dad to four daughters? He founded what he now calls the "Entrepreneur Journey Contract" this can be found in

Where to connect with Ruke:

Apr 18, 2016

002: Knowing When to Make Changes or Cut Your Losses with Bridget Harris.

Bridget Harris is the co-founder and CEO of I absolutely love this service. She's also a former advisor to a United Kingdom deputy prime minister. She's been selected for the 2015 Tech City Insider 100, and she is an advocate for inclusion and diversity in politics and tech. 


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Show Highlights:

Bridget’s take on change and innovation:
"People are afraid of change or feel like they can't do anything about change because there is a risk attached. I evaluate the risks associated with change. In a way, every change has to be based on what's the worst case scenario. You have to get good at evaluating risk, and what you would be prepared to put up with. As a business owner, we'd be prepared to put up with a certain amount of debt if things go wrong, which we would have to essentially pay off some of the way versus unacceptable risk.  Another example: Family life. I'm not going to give up family life for the sake of my business. That risk is too much, so essentially there is a balance of what change is going to be okay based on what you potentially could lose."

How to take the emotion out of the decision making process:
"Actually there's plenty of tools you can use that rationalize that process and that you can add very sort of simple numerical values to the things that you're worried about. If you start to realize that one thing in motion you might feel very worried about, but actually on a risk profile, there is a very potentially low impact. Other times there's actually a place for rationally trying to figure out and calculating what it is that you're doing."

The Start of
“The story of actually started about ten years ago when we were trying to find a product that we could monetize using the web. The onset of the web, of cloud tools, of the internet allows companies like ours to deliver services over the internet, over the cloud based web application, and charge a monthly fee for it. was actually the fourth product that we basically ended up promoting. In between that times what we ended up with was a lot of investment in products which are still actually out there today, and were quite successful in their own terms, but at the same time didn't make us enough money.
Check out Bridget’s calendar tool:

How can our listeners tune out the distractions:
“For example, routine, getting up at the same time every morning, having breakfast at the same time every morning. Sounds like a very old persons thing to do. That's what my parents do, but actually if you know what time you're having breakfast every morning, then it cuts out a concern or a distraction about the rest of your day."

Bridget’s recommendations for entrepreneurs living out their purpose:
“Avoid being successful based on exploitation. Companies will often justify their profits and their growth, sorry they'll justify the wages that they pay people because they say well we're a successful company, we make lots of profits, and people buy our products, and we are contributing towards the economy, and we're employing people, and that should be enough. If you're doing it basically on the backs of what could be seen as exploitation, then I think you're not leaving the world a better place then when you found it. I think that for people to focus on what their sense of purpose should be around can you get core satisfaction out of what you are contributing to the world. I think actually that really gives you a sense of mindfulness and happiness generally."

Learn more about Bridget Harris and

Apr 15, 2016

001: How to turn challenges into success by creating processes and understanding your value with Graham Young.

Graham Young is the founder of Disruptive Performance Coaching and contributor to Time, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Business Insider. He creates human performance programs for business professionals and organizations that optimize the brains ability to minimize fatigue, elevate productivity, and unleash confidence.


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Show Highlights:

Reason Graham Young left corporate world to start his own business:
“My mom had passed away about three years ago, and when that had happened, pretty challenging time, but just learned a lot about some of the things that I was able to get through for myself and for my family and for the people around me. It changed a lot of the ways I thought about work and the meaning behind it, and I just realized that what I had learned during that time was pretty powerful and wanted to share it with people. I just felt like to do something meaningful with work is what I wanted to do and that was the best way to do it was to create a business around that.”

How was the transition?
“I saw those negative experiences happening to (my mom) and happening to me, and in my opinion was something that motivated me to want to create change, not only for us, but for other people.

What’s Graham excited about?
“Helping people in terms of the self-awareness aspect"

Check out Graham’s article: “The Five Ways to Instantly Connect with Anyone You Meet

Graham’s take on what keeps people from being successful in their communication:
“Communication's obviously probably one of the biggest things that we all have to work on and master. One of the things I finished off previously saying was listening to listen and not listening to respond. It sounds easy to say, but in reality it's so easy to do when we're not even trying to do it.”

Why is Graham so fired up about working with entrepreneurs?
“My focus is really to break down the brain science behind it all and helping people really understand why they do what they do. If you understand how your own unique brain operates in relation to your life in general, it enables you to get through any challenge. You can accomplish any goal because you're just so self-aware and understand what your highest values. You also know what you're going after and able to sustain motivation and perseverance you need.”

Graham’s take away for our “rock stars”:
“Change things up. You don't have to do anything drastic, but change up the music on your phone, change some paintings in the house, redecorate a bit, take a new route to work, go to a different gym. Even buying new clothes can cut off that connection to your old ways.”

Learn more about Graham Young Strategies

Apr 15, 2016

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