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Power Factor Biz Chat is a podcast that is created for entrepreneurs, business owners, or sales professionals. If you are looking to shatter procrastination, increase confidence, and accomplish your goals faster, this podcast is for you. Erica Castner and her guests will deliver bite-size pieces of valuable business building information, twice a week. Each episode will give you the Inspiration and motivation you need to grow and scale your business, be more efficient in accomplishing your goals, and communicate your message with confidence.
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Sep 27, 2016

Kerri Courtright is the Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador of TGC/Income Store, Kerri is the professionals professional. Ambassador of large brands is not unfamiliar with Kerri.  Kerri spent time as a cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls, representing the Chicago Bulls organization in many capacities.  Kerri not only helps run TGC, but is currently an elected official, sitting on and chairing many committees.  Kerri's message is how we affect and are affected by our "Presence" in the marketplace.

Sep 13, 2016

If you lead a work team, your family, or your community, chances are you are inspiring others. But, being an inspired leader can be exhausted. Today, I share the scoop on how to feel inspired when you are leading others.

Sep 9, 2016

Are you sitting on the sidelines or playing in the game of your life and business? If you are fearful about your next steps in growing your business and creating the life that you desire, today's Power Factor Biz Chat podcast episode is for you.